Ministry Regulations

Obey all institutional regulations.
Obey all ministry regulations.
Maintain a good testimony.
Work at last (4) hours Monthly.
Keep a log of work done.
Give written summary of work done.
Report to the organization once a Month.
If you work, report same so that we may know if you can be assigned a task after you get out of work.
"DO NOT" use credentials if disciplined in your congregation.
You will be expelled if found guilty of any crime.
You will automatically be expelled from the ministry for false information.
Do not confuse our credentials with other.
Dress adequately (use proper attire)
Identify yourself properly.
Your cooperation with attendance at meetings is essential.
Do not lend credentials to anyone.
Use credentials correctly.
Do not alter credentials.
In case of resignation or expulsion you must turn in your badge.
"DO NOT" try to use credentials to board public transportation in this state or other states.
Use badge and identification card together.
If credentials are lost, report them immediately accompanied by a notarized statement.
Do not abuse the position or authority being exercised.
In case of emergency (tragic event) report immediately to the organization.
All tasks (work) will be assigned by the organization.