>>The Benefits of Chaplaincy
Enhancing Coping Strategies Trauma can be defined as the overwhelming of coping mechanism. Studies demonstrate that spiritual well being helps persons moderate the feeling associated with trauma and critical incidents: anxiety (Kaczorowski, 1989), hopelessness (Mickley, Socken, & Belcher, 1992), isolation, (Feher & Maly, 1999). Many law enforcement officers and patients expect chaplains to help them with distressing feelings (Hover, Travis, Koeng & Bearon, 1992).

L.A.C.A. had its genesis in the midst of the devastating tragedy of the World Trade Center. L.A.C.A., since day one, has provided numerous chaplains to assist firefighters and police officers in dealing with the traumatic events which surrounded this tragedy. L.A.C.A. was also instrumental in assisting families of American Airlines flight 587. L.A.C.A. chaplains were the first to be present in helping these families through their grief. Presently L.A.C.A. is working with police precincts, fire stations, City of New York Cadets cords, Rikers Island correctional facility, rehabilitation programs and several hospitals.